1.6 Million Houses Lose Electricity As Hurricane Irma Strikes Florida


More than 1.6 million houses and businesses lost power in the South of Florida as Hurricane Irma approached, the state’s largest utility told media.

Most of Florida hasn’t even seen the Hurricane Irma yet as it barreled across the Florida keys on Sunday and headed for the southwest coast of Florida with winds of 130 miles per hour.

The FPL said, in total, around 1.8 million houses and business institutes in Florida had lost power. Initially, 1.6 million houses ran out of electricity while the other 200,000 were running on automated electricity providing devices.

Rob Gould, FPL spokesman said, ‘We will have to rebuild part of our system, particularly in the western part of the state. That restoration process will be measured in weeks, not days.’

Before Irma shifted from the eastern side of the Flordia state, FPL had warned that it could affect almost 4.1 million customers.

Last year, Hurricane Matthew took the power of 1.2 million FPL customers and didn’t arrive the shore and didn’t damage the infrastructures. It took 2 days for FPL to restore power.

With the damages, FPL has warned its customers that outages and electricity cut off could take weeks to be repaired and a lot of it depends on how long Irma stays.


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