61 People Killed In Strongest Earthquake In Mexico


At least 61 people died in what is being considered the most powerful earthquake that hit Mexican soil till this date.

The 8.1 magnitude hit Mexico off the Southern coast this Thursday. This was stronger than the 1985 quake that killed thousands on the Mexican soil.

The tremor shook the Mexican cities with people shocked and frightened about their property and most of all their loved ones.

Dasila Vasquez, a 55-year old cook told media that she watched the bodies her elderly neighbor and her son being carried out by the rescue workers from the debris of their collapsed house.

Afraid of her own house being damaged and at the verge of collapse, Dasila decided to sleep on the roadside with dozens of other people from her neighborhood. ‘We have nothing now, we don’t have any savings,’ she said.

President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto flew to the affected cities to supervise the rescue efforts being made.

Another citizen Jesus Mendoza said, ‘It was brutal, brutal. It was like a monster like a train was passing over our roofs.’


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