Cave discovered on the moon by Japan’s space agency


Breaking News – Tokyo (NEWZ247) Scientists at Japan’s space agency have exposed a vast moon cave that would someday community a base that would harmless astronauts from dangerous radiation and wild temperature blows.

Facts taken from Japan’s SELENE lunar orbiter has shown the existence of the 50km long and 100m wide cavern that is believed to be lava tube created via volcanic activities about 3.5 billion years in the past.

“We’ve acknowledged about those places that were the notion to be lava tubes however their life has now not been showed till now,” Junichi Haruyama, a researcher at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said.

The underground tunnel, placed below a place known as the Marius Hills, might assist shield astronauts from huge swings in temperature and damaging radiation that they might be exposed to on the moon’s surface, he delivered.

“We haven’t virtually visible the interior of the cave itself so there are excessive hopes that exploring it will provide greater information,” Haruyama stated.



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