Chinese Man Put Behind Bars For Helping People Use VPN


A Chinese national has been sentenced nine months jail time for helping people evade government controls and virtual private networks.

Deng Jiewei, from Guangdong, was charged with illegally selling software called Virtual Private Networks as stated by the local court.

VPNs have been declared illegal in China as they let people avoid government blockades and monitoring what they are doing, searching online.

Deng started selling VPNs in 2015 and was caught in August 2016 for helping people visit the foreign websites that are blocked for Chinese IPs by the Chinese government.

Chinese government and authorities use a massive system called Great Firewall, that keeps an eye on every Chinese internet user, what they are doing, searching and watching on the internet. This system also blocks their access to famous websites such as Facebook & YouTube.

Usage of VPNs is banned in China, yet it’s common to bypass the Great Firewall and get access to blocked international websites.

The Chinese government started a campaign in Jan 2017, to stop people using Virtual Private Networks. As a result, a lot of VPN suppliers were shut down and those selling such software were warned to be charged with jail time.


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