Deepika has been seemingly paid more than her co-stars in Padmavati movie


Breaking News – (NEWZ247) Everyone knows that Deepak’s a massive deal in Bollywood. So rumors that she takes home a bigger pay cheque than her Padmavati co-stars Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh don’t really come as a wonder.

However, it does make for an exciting factoid, thinking about the notorious gender pay gap in films industries internationally which generally tend to offer higher compensation to male actors than woman actors.

What does actually Deepika say approximately this matter?

When asked about her pay on the launch of Padmavati’s 3D trailer, Deepika hinted that the exact information of her paycheck is nobody’s business.

“Talking approximately my remuneration isn’t always exciting,” she said. “However I’m proud and assured approximately the money I am getting. You are comfortable with what you’re paid.”


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