Facebook working to neutralise risks social media poses to democracy


Breaking news – (NEWZ247) Facebook recognized on Monday that the explosion of online networking represents a potential danger to democracy, vowing to handle the issue head-on and turn its capable stage into a power for “good.”

The remarks from the world’s biggest social network were its most recent reaction to serious feedback for neglecting to stop the spread of misinformation among its two billion clients ─ most strikingly paving the way to the 2016 US election.

In a blog post, Facebook civic engagement chief Samidh Chakrabarti stated he was “not heedless to the harm that the web can do to even a well-working functioning democracy.”

“In 2016, we at Facebook were awfully eased back to perceive how terrible performing artists were mishandling our stage,” he said. “We’re working persistently to kill these dangers now.”

The post ─ one of every an arrangement named “hard questions” ─ was a piece of a prominent push by Facebook to reboot its picture, incorporating with the declaration a week ago that it would give clients ” rank” the reliability of news sources to help stem the stream of false news.


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