The fashion festival of month Cannes 2017


The fashion festival of month Cannes 2017 

The Cannes Film Festival started this week and the group of big shots is headed to the southern France where the hotels are getting crowded. The festival has nominated the trending films of the year from more than a half-century. Moreover, this time it’s the 70th anniversary of the festival.

It is considered one of the most charming gatherings of the year, where artists from all over the world come show off on the red carpet. The eyes of the globe are centred on the show to look memorising outfits.

There is always something great to watch on the show, a year ago Bella Hadid enormous breakout made a good buzz around, Nevertheless, Black lively has proven one of the best show-stoppers till yet.

On the carpet, whether actors will be showing off vintage Hollywood styles or trending customs, Two things will definitely make it to the top jewellery and vogue. People will be curious to see how celebs are going to portray themselves on the red carpet.


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