Google is going to stop blob emojis from it’s network


Google is going to stop blob emojis from it’s network

Newz247 – A complete bye bye to current blob emoji as google plans out to get it changed from its platforms android, gmail and hangout soon.

There is a heat in the market that the upcoming android platform which is known as “O” will be loaded with thousands of new emojis, from zipper mouth to shocked face. The new emojis will have a circle face same as every emoji on the globe. The new emojis will come in many vibrant colours and emotions.

The consumers can upload a beta version of android O if they have nexus or pixel phones. Or else they have to keep patience till the android O hits the market end of this year. Which promoted the new emoji at i/o developer meeting but it has not stated the exact time of emoji update.

There were some complaints related to the shapes, some people felt the icons were very tiny and it was very hard to identify what the emoji is expressing, For instance, it was not easy to understand between crying emoji and crying/laugh emoji.

The top officials stated that the restoration was pivotal not just because of facts, by the time emoji has been turned as one of the common tools to express emotions, the comparison between the google emoji and other platforms were generating issues for consumers.
Google told that new version of emoji would be more user friendly than the current one.


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