Google is opening an artificial intelligence center in China


Breaking News – Beijing (NEWZ247) In spite of many of Google services being blocked in China, Google has chosen Beijing as the location for its first artificial research center in Asia.

The science of AI has no limitations, neither do its benefits,” Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist at Google’s AI business, said in Wednesday declaring the new center in Beijing.

But China’s internet across borders are encouraged by the so called, and utmost of Google’s biggest products in its search engine, YouTube and Gmail — have been blocked by the country’s vast restriction apparatus for years.

Google effectively, but the China has 730 million internet users make it too large a market to ignore — and Google has made no stealthy of its.

Google’s artificial intelligence unit DeepMind even to conduct a five-day festival in the country prior this year. The event engrossed on a human-versus-computer showdown in the ancient game of Go.

Opening a high profile AI research center in China is the latest move in Google’s charm offensive.



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