Iranian hackers charged in US

Washington DC: Two Iranians were charged on Monday for hacking into a defense contractor and stealing the software used to design bullets warheads as told by the Justice Department.

According to the JD, Mohammed Saeed Ajily, 35 recruited Mohammed Reza Rezakhah, 39 to steal into the computers of a defense contractor in order to steal the software used to design various defense equipment and to sell it to the Iranian universities, military, and the government.

They also had a third party member who was arrested with them back in 2013 and was returned to Iran last year in a prisoner swap.

The culprits hacked into the systems of Arrow Tech Associates, a Vermont based contractor.

They were also charged with stealing company’s Prodas ballistic software in 2012 which is used to design and test bullets and other defense projectiles.

The material stolen was protected under US law and was and its distribution to Iran was banned under sanctions put to Iran by the US.


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