Hundreds Rescued As Harvey Floods Houston


Houston is on high alert. Rescue authorities are pulling out people from cars and homes as the Harvey flood arrives South of Texas on Sunday. 

Harvey arrived Houston shores on Friday, is considered the strongest Tropical storm ever in last 50-years. At least two people have lost their lives until now.

The analysts believe, it will get past Houston until Wednesday while the center of the storm is still 125 km away from the boundary of Houston.

Authorities have advised people to stay on the roofs of their houses rather than into the attics and has also strictly prohibited people from leaving houses, as the city’s most of the roads are under water.

Twitter account of Harris County’s Sharif, was flooded with rescue requests. He said that his deputies responded to unconfirmed news of children and a deceased woman in a vehicle on a highway near Houston.

‘All agencies care but everyone simply operating at maximum capacity,’ The Sharif tweeted.


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