Indian Auto Industry Preparing Itself For Electric Cars


Tech news: Indian government’s push to Indian auto industry for manufacturing all-electric vehicles by the end of 2030 has forced the automakers to draw early plans for electric cars.

A government official said that a new auto policy is in the making and will include rules for electric vehicles.

Cummins India is investing in research of electric mobility solutions for India while Hyundai Motors is arranging suppliers for electric motor parts.

Ashok Leyland, who developed an electric bus last year has partnered up with a local startup Sun Mobility to develop battery swapping technology for cars.

MD Cummins India said, ‘This is going to be a major challenge but it is one we have to embrace and not duck.’

He further said, ‘It will not happen soon, first we need to demonstrate the technology.’

Electric cars are still expensive enough because of the cost of the batteries and the fact that India is still not manufacturing them. Moreover, the lack of charging stations could contribute to the enough problems.


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