Kenya Re-Elections: Raila Odinga Threatens To Boycott Election


Supreme Court of Kenya, announced Kenya Re-Elections a week ago in a ruling against the elected candidate. 

While the news has come that the opposition leader, Raila Odinga who won the case against elected President in Supreme Court has threatened to boycott the Kenya re-elections if they are conducted similarly as before.

But he didn’t exactly put his demands or guarantees on the table.

Uhuru Kenyatta was declared Presidential elections winner on 8th August polls that was declared annulled by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The results were 54% votes for Kenyatta, while 45% for Odinga according to the electoral commission of Kenya.

While speaking to the media, Mr. Odinga focused on holding elections in a free and fair environment where if something happens wrong, could be corrected.

‘We know exactly what transpired in these last elections, we know what the IEBC did and we know that if we were to go back there will be no different results and that’s why will say there will be no elections on the 17 October,’ Odinga said.


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