Man arrested for writing pro-India slogan on wall


Breaking News – Haripur (NEWZ247) The police requested to have arrested a young employee of the factory from Haripur city for writing a pro-India slogan on the wall of his house.

The city police alleged acting on information they raided a house in Makhan Colony on Sunday morning and found the slogan “Hindustan zindabad” (long live India) written on the wall of his house. The police when asked from the prisoners about it, they said that Sajid Shah had painted the wall with the slogan.

The police arrested Sajid and registered a criminal case against him under section 505, which means he can get a jail term of up to seven years with a fine.

Police said the 20-year-old suspect was a factory worker and was fond of watching Indian movies and songs which captivated him to the level that he started praising India publicly.


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