The global audio platform is about to closed very soon announced by the officials

MP3 on a verge of shuttdown, after loosing technology war with new platforms

Newz247 – According to the statements given by the main developers of the platform digital audio of Germany Mp3 is not going to stand from know.

The licensing program is going to be dropped by the university of Fraunhofer due to the age of its patent.

Mp3 was the frequently used framework for all the mobile and other electronic devices, which started to come in main stream from the cd players like i pod and sony walkman and then acted as the main support format for a numerous of audio tunes.

The format is way more behind in quality standards than the current music formats available in the market, said Fraunhofer institute.

But still, it is assumed that even after advance audio coding systems Mp3 is considered the most favorable among its consumers.

Well, it doesn’t matter whether Mp3 will be dead or not the new music players will not support the old formats anyway.

The news may be shocking for most of the users around the globe. Moreover, in the limelight, all the people who have their playlists and music directory stored in Mp3 format can still run those even after the company is shut down.


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