North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan


Breaking: North Korea has launched a ballistic missile into Northern Japan’s island called Hokkaido. 

The missile was fired over the island on Tuesday before it crashed into the sea.

The United Nations Security Council will be holding an emergency meeting to cool down situation on both sides.

North Korea is pretty famous from past few years for being furious and threatening by launching the various missile and nuclear weapon tests but this is the first time, it has fired a missile over the territory of Japan.

By the way, it’s not the first time North Korea has done it. It fired missiles back in 1998 and 2009, that crossed over Japanese territory but according to North Korea, those were satellite launch vehicles and not rockets.

Reports said this is probably the first North Korean launch that is capable of carrying nuclear warheads deep into another country’s territory.

South Korean’s were also surprised over this launch.

The South Korean military said the missile was launched at 6:00 PM local time from Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

What analysts have attracted so far is:

  • The missile flew a distance of at least 2700 kilometers.
  • It was probably Hwasong-12.
  • Flew to a max altitude of 550 km.
  • Fell into North Pacific Ocean after breaking into three pieces, 1180 km away from Japanese coast.

Japan didn’t make any efforts to shoot down the missile but it did issue safety warnings to residents of Hokkaido advising them to take shelter in basements.


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