Iraq fight against IS

Breaking: Iraqi Envoy claims Pakistan military secretly helped Iraq in its fight against the brutal militant Islamic State group. The fight against IS achieved a great milestone this week with its liberation from Mosul, the Iraqi city which was occupied by IS three years ago.

Ali Yasin Muhammad Karim, Ambassador of Iran says Pakistan was one of the very few countries who supported Iraq in fighting against a well-equipped enemy. Ali Yasin briefed Pakistani media about the eviction of IS from Mosul.

Pakistan’s contribution to the fight against Islamic State group in Iraq has never been raised before either by Iraq or Pakistani officials themselves.

Mosul is an ancient city close to the border and second largest city of Iraq. It was occupied by IS three years ago and was being used as their proclaimed caliphate and battle headquarters.

It was freed from IS last week after a 9-month compelling battle by Iraqi security forces in support of several countries including Pakistan as claimed by Ali Yasin.

Ali Yasin also mentioned that apart from Intel help on the militants, Pakistan also assisted Iraq and its security forces in arms, ammunition and medical assistance.

He also discovered that some of the Iraqi pilots taking part in the fight against IS had been trained in Pakistan.

‘We share the same enemy’, said Ali Yasin.

Answering a question about some Pakistanis being involved with the IS, he down played and said that the ‘bad guys’ represented only a small proportion of the total population and that people of over 100 nationalities are fighting for IS.

He mentioned, ‘The people of Pakistan were generally very supportive of Iraq in its war against IS’.

Ali Yasin also revealed that Iraq is about to begin a final push against IS from Iraq.

The liberation of Mosul, however, has left great impacts. The city after three years of brutal occupation is completely ruined with no or little signs of life whatsoever.

The Iraqi ambassador requested and appreciated any support in rebuilding the city and providing the people with basic necessities of life.


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