Spanish Police In Action After Horrible Incident


Breaking: Spanish Police gunned down five suspected attackers after cornering them in a town just outside Barcelona.

This action was a reaction to hours earlier incident that happened when a man drove a vehicle over a crowd, killing 13 people on the spot and injuring many others.

The authorities said the toll of dead could rise with the time while more than 100 people were injured.

Hours later, as police were in search of the alleged van driver, police said they killed five suspects in Cambrills, 120 km from Barcelona.

The five men attempted to drive into tourists in Cambrill while their car over turned and a couple of them started stabbing people. Police said, four were shot dead at the scene while the fifth one was killed a few hundred meters away.

One woman was killed in Cambrils incident injuring several others. The Police also destroyed explosives belt that the militants were wearing, though they turned out to be fake.

One day before the Barcelona incident, one person lost his life in an explosion that took place inside a house in a town southwest of Barcelona, the police said.

An investigative source claimed, a group of eight to twelve people have been in the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks and that they could carry out further attacks in the future.

Later on Friday, people have returned to the Barcelona’s Las Ramblas promenade to lit candles in remembrance of the victims of the attack.

The Government of Spain also announced three days of national mourning.


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