Tear gas, water canons fired at pro-Palestinian protesters near US embassy in Lebanon


Breaking News – Lebanon (NEWZ247) Tear gas and water cannons today (10-12-17) at protestors near the US embassy fired by Security forces of Lebanon as they protested Washington’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week.

They were clogged from reaching the complex by a metal gate sealing the road leading towards embassy and security forces fired tear gas and water cannons to keep away the activists who tried to open the gate by force.

Many people were injured by rocks and tear gas, the communicator stated to the reporters. There was no instant comment from security forces about situation.

Demonstrators flapping Palestinian and Lebanese flags and sporting black-and-white checked keffiyeh scarves, chanted slogans against US President who on Wednesday recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

A group of protesters set alight an effigy of the US president, whose resolution has upended decades of American diplomacy and an international consensus to leave the status of Jerusalem to be resolved in negotiations. The protesters included members of Palestinian parties also.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon, including those who fled or were barred from their homes after Israel’s founding, as well as their descendants.

Israel occupied southern Lebanon for 22 years before withdrawing in 2000, but the two countries remain technically at war.


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