Urdu edition of Malala’s book ‘will remove misunderstandings’


Breaking News – Lahore (NEWZ247) An Urdu version of Swat’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s  book entitled May Hoon Malala was launched in Lahore however notwithstanding efforts to this point neither the book nor a Pashto version of it could be released in KPK.

Prof Khadim Hussain head of Bacha Khan Education Trust who attended release of the Urdu version of I am Malala in Lahore, regretted that there was no edition of the book in Pakistan in Malala’s mother tongue so that her human beings could realize approximately her side of the tale.

“The Urdu version could incredibly assist to get rid of misconceptions approximately what Malala stands for,” he said. He added that a Pashto edition of the book became posted in Afghanistan. He feared that many pakhtuns in Pakistan won’t be capable of get a replica of the book or nicely recognize the Pashto read and written in Afghanistan.

Prof Khadim stated that Urdu version of the book could be helpful in explaining who absolutely Malala became to folks who unfold testimonies and conspiracies in opposition to her.

“Malala’s story and her struggle is for enlightenment and love for humanity. She initiated a movement to train every child and spend on training and education than military or defense,” he said.


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