Zimbabwe army locks down capital as broadcaster after night of unrest


Breaking News – Zimbabwe (NEWZ247) In an extremely wide statement after taking on the state broadcaster within a night of unrest, Zimbabwe’s military early Wednesday pursued to reassure the country that “this is not an army takeover” and that despite the fact that President Robert Mugabe was safe and sound, the military turned into focused on “criminals around him” who’ve sent the country spinning into monetary despair.

“As quickly as we have accomplished our mission, we anticipate that the state of affairs will return to normalcy,” the army spokesman said, calling on churches to pray for the country.

He urged different security forces to “cooperate for the best of our country,” caution that “any provocation may be met with the particular reaction.”

Overnight, at the least 3 explosions were heard inside the capital, Harare, and military vehicles had been seen in the streets.



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