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Bad News for BankIslami customers,Hackers steel $6 Million Biggest Cyber crime in Pakistan history

Hackers steel $6 Million Biggest Cyber crime in Pakistan history

The biggest cyber attack in Pakistan history.Hackers steel $6 Million from BankIslami. According to our source on 27 October Hackers hacked  the data of many customers account and later on they steel all the money.

After this hacking attack later on Bank Islamic recover $2.6 Million from hackers.Source Confirmed this that most of the amount was withdraw in Russia and USA.

State Bank of Pakistan instructed the bank to take all necessary actions and recover the amount.Further state bank notify to all banks that if any unusual incident happens again do inform to State Bank immediately.

Following directives issued to all banks

  • Ensure the all security measures of IT systems.including which holds the data of user and user cards etc.
  • Resources should be created to provide 24/7 monitoring on card data and user transitions.


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