China Relaunches World’s Fastest Bullet Train


After a lot of work, China is once again all set to relaunch its fleet of world’s highest trains, specifically known as bullet trains.

The top speed of the train Fuxing which literally means Rejuvenation has a top speed of about 300 km/h in 2011 following two severe crashes that killed 40 people.

Launching next week, some of the same bullet trains will be allowed on the rail tracks once again but this time with an addition 50 km/h to the old top speed.

With this highest speed, travel time between Beijing and Shanghai will be reduced to roughly an hour.

As proposed of 21 September, China’s seven bullet trains will be prompted to run on the rail tracks with the enhanced maximum speed.

To avoid any crashes in future, all trains have been fitted with an automatic feature that will slow or stop the trains immediately in case of any emergency.

China’s rail operator is working hard to update the tracks, to let the trains run even faster – supposedly at the speed of 400 km/h. China is all set to have about 19,960 km of rapid rail tracks in future development plans.

The 2011 crashes led to a state investigation into the national railway department which resulted in massive corruption charges against higher officials and sentences.

As a result of the investigation, many high officials were charged with corruption charges and two senior officials were charged with death penalties.


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