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iOS 11 overtakes earlier versions of Apple’s mobile OS

Breaking News – (NEWZ247) Apple’s iOS 11 is now on practically 06 in 10 of the company’s mobile devices conferring to new data shared by the company.

On Nov. 8, less than two months after its Sept. 19 release, the mobile platform had achieved just over a 50% adoption rate, according to Apple’s App Store support webpage for developers. Today (12-7-17)the company stated that number has grown to 59%, with iOS 10 dropping to 33% and all earlier versions of iOS running on just 8% of devices.

Within a week of its initial release the latest version of iOS was already powering 30.21% iDevices, by Apple. While that uptake rate may seem increase, it was far slower than last year’s iOS 10 or 2015’s iOS 9, which attained the fastest uptake to date.

According to business analytics service Mixpanel’s data , adoption of iOS 11 surpassed iOS 10 on Oct. 10. Today (12-7-17) Mixpanel’s data shows iOS 11 is being used on 71.3% of devices, while iOS 10 is being used on about 21.7% of them.

While iOS 11’s uptake may seem like a steep curve, the iOS 9 uptake rate far outpaced it; that adoption curve remains the firmest in the history of Apple, according to the company.

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