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North Korea refuses to hold talks with ‘ignorant and incompetent’ officials from South

Breaking News – SEOUL (NEWZ247) North Korea said on Thursday it will not hold talks with Seoul under the current diplomatic situation, calling South Korean officials “ignorant and incompetent” a day after the hermit state abruptly canceled planned inter-Korean discussions.

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A high-level meeting between the two neighbors had been scheduled for Wednesday, but the North pulled out early that morning over joint military exercises between the US and the South.

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The two-week “Max Thunder” drills started on May 11 and involve some 100 aircraft from the two allies, including F-22 stealth fighter jets.

“Unless the serious situation which led to the suspension of the north-south high-level talks is settled, it will never be easy to sit face-to-face again with the present regime of South Korea,” the official KCNA news agency cited top negotiator Ri Son Gwon as saying on Thursday.

Pyongyang has also threatened to cancel a historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore next month, following weeks of tentative rapprochement.

Ri, head of the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, described the South’s reaction to the meeting’s cancellation as a “confrontation racket”, according to KCNA.

“On this opportunity the present South Korean authorities have been clearly proven to be an ignorant and incompetent group devoid of the elementary sense of the present situation,” he added.

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