Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Is Officially In The Market

Finally, after the histories biggest mobile disastrous, Samsung has unveiled its yet new mobile version, The Galaxy Note 8.

It surely will be the nervous atmosphere in the headquarters of Samsung, for the catastrophic last year they had with their Galaxy Note 7 exploding cases and the company calling out all the units.

But the speculations can’t be any true. The Korean company might have a setback with their previous Samsung Galaxy version, but even before the launch of Galaxy Note 8, their share prices show they have gone through a little damage, if at all in the past year.

Galaxy Note 8, would be unique. It features the biggest screen for any Android smartphone. The S Pen Stylus has also been finally upgraded.

People love Samsung, there is no doubt. ‘They are very loyal, eight out of 10 respondents said the word ‘love’ in association with their smartphone. Three out of four said it was the best smartphone they ever had.’

CCS Insight analyst, Ben Wood is impressed by the Company’s stubbornness in launching the new phone.

‘You have to admire their grit and determination. I thought the Samsung brand would recover but the Note brand was open to question,’ said Ben.

People are happy, Samsung is continuing the legacy of its smartphones in the right direction once again.

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