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Earthquake buries homes under landslides in Hokkaido japan

Yet another natural disaster has struck part of japan continuing a summer of chaos that has seen the country weather deadly floods typhoons earthquakes landslides and heatwaves. At least 16 people were killed in thursday earthquak, Prime Minister Shinzo abe told his cabinet friday. Search and rescue teams are still looking for 26 people missing in the western town of Atsuma in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Ab said that more than 22000 people were involved in the rescue efforts as the northern island still s=dals with the after effects of the magnitude 6.6 quak which caused landslides that buried homes and other buildings. Electricity was restored to around 1.4 million buildings as of Friday morning, Abe added around half of all of those which initially lost power.More than 150 people were injured by the quake, mostly in Sapporo said Kazuya Isaki an official with the crisis management office of Hokkaido Prefecture Government Dozens of people were reported missing in Atsuma near the epicenter of the quake where four of the death occurred.

Nearly 3 million households lost power according to the Hokkaido Electric power company.Officials said a main power station lost operations affecting other sides Independently owned power generators were missing.

Near the epicenter, landslides wiped out houses in the tiny town of Atsuma home to 40 residents. Officials said multiple people were still missing house after the initial quake.

Aftershocks were continuing Thursday morning and could pose a risk for the next week according to the japan Meteorological Agency which warned residents of the increased risk that buildings could collapse near the epicenter of the original quake

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