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Hurricane Florence: Life threatening storm starts to lash US

The outer bands of hurricane Florence are lashing parts of the US East Coast. Official warn of life threatening storm surges in both north and south Carolina as the hurricane moves to words land with maximum sustained wind speeds of 90mph. More than 100000 homes are already without power as weather conditions begin to worsen. Officials have warned the storm has the potential to kill a lot of people aimed risks of catastrophic flooding. More than a million people along the coastline of north Carolina south Caroline and Virginia have been ordered to evacuate

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Thousands had taken shelter in emergency facilities by Thursday night. Photographs showed residents crowded into corridors with blankets on inflatable mattresses and mats.

Some areas of North Carolina saw almost a foot of rain just a few hours and footage showed sea levels begin to surge in land. At 23:00 the National Hurricane Center said wind speed had slightly lowered making it a category one hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center says that despite the gradual lowering in wind strength the storm remains extremely dangerous because of the high volume of rainfall and storm surges predicated.

petrol stations in the area are reporting shortage and energy companies predict that one to three million homes and business may lose power. Officials have warned restorations to electricity could take days or even weeks.





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