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Lynette Dawson: Police begin dig in podcast highlighted mystery

Australian police have begun digging at the former home of a Sydney women whose disappearance in 1982 has recently global attention. Lynette Dawson a mother of two, vanished without a trace. Her husband, chris dawson said he had left the family perhaps for a religious group. Mr Dawson has denied murdering his wife after two coroners inquests found she had been killed by a known person. A popular podcast.

The Teacher pet has brought wide attention to the case. On Wednesday, police said they had begun a five day forensic search of the couple former home in the suburb of Bay view. This is all about getting justice for lyn. said supt scott cook from new south wales police. Supt Cook said police would purse charges against Mr Dawson regardless of the outcome of the search.

An inquest in 2003 found Mr Dawson a former rugby league star and high school teacher had sexual relationships with teenage student.One 16 year girl moved in with Mr dawson within days of his wife disappearance. The pair later married but have since separated. Two separate inquests recommended that murder charges be laid against a known person.

Police have previously conducted digs on the property at Bay view. This times, they plan to excavate four sites on the property.


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