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Trump Seems Committed To Afghanistan War

President of United States, Mr. Donald Trump seems committed to the Afghanistan war. Though, he has taken a reversing course from his campaign pledges where he said that he will withdraw the entire United States Military from Afghanistanwin the war.

Trump gave a speech on Monday and promised a stepped up a military campaign against Taliban in Afghanistan.

Once again, Trump re-chanted the slogan ‘Do More‘ for Pakistan too despite the fact that Pakistan has laid down thousands of civilian and military lives in its war against terror. 

‘We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists,’ he said in his statement in a military base near Washington DC.

On the other hand, Taliban seemed committed to their cause ‘The Jihad‘ against Trump’s new policy of keeping the United States Military in Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesperson, Zabih Ullah Mujahid said, ‘If the United States doesn’t pull all its forces out of Afghanistan, we will make this country, the 21st-century graveyard for the American empire.’

This new US Policy announced by Donald Trump is actually against his own statements, which he gave during his presidential election campaigns where he said that he will arrange a swift withdrawal of US from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

He said, ‘The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists, ISIS and Al-Qaeda would instantly fill.’

US Officials said they have moved a suggestion to send about 4,000 more US Military Troops to Afghanistan in addition to the 8,000 troops already stationed there.

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