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Trump sees treason from within

It is impossible to know in the moment when a presidency begins to dissolve.but after a devastating 48 hours.It is already clear that Donald Trump’s will never be the same.

What ever your view of Trump his behavior and his presidency, Whasington is watching the opening act of a stunning attempt to topple the elected leader of the nation.

Damaging twin portraits of the President in a new york times op ed and Bob Woodward new book are using the words of current top officials to fracture the mythology of vanity and bombast conmanship and intimidation of Trump personality cult.

In an attack from an enemy with in,top officials who see Trump up close including one calling the of renegades the resistance are finally daring to say albeit under Washington invisibility cloak of anonymity wht outside critics have long believed.

They warn the President of the United States is not only unfit to b the most powerful man in the world,but is a venal mix of ignorance and ego, pettiness,malignancy and recklessness that is putting the republic and the world itself at risk.

The official even revealed there had even been talk among cabinet officers about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the President.Washington has seen almost every thing under Trump,but a palace coup would be something else.

There is somebody working for the President of the United State at a very senior level who is trying to destroy him, Michael Caputo a former Trump campaign aide told News 247.

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