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China lashes out at Germany for claiming it’s dodging cyber security talks

Breaking News – Beijing (NEWZ247) China’s FM slammed out at a German ambassador on Wednesday for claiming that Beijing failed to respond to appeals to argue bilateral cyber security issues.

Ambassador Michael Clauss recently expressed the South China Morning Post newspaper of Hong Kong the two governments decided in 2016 to set up a group to discuss cyber issues but it “has yet to see the light of day.”

He had stated that requests for a “meaningful dialogue” about Chinese curbs on virtual private networks which are used for encrypted communication and can dodge Beijing’s web filters, have “regrettably not yet received a positive response.”

But Chinese ministry’s has hit out, saying: “The comments by the related ambassador are not constructive, and some of them are even erroneous.”

Hua stated Germany had been requested to send delegations for consultation but was unwilling to do so.

“In its place, they accuse China of lacking sincerity for dialogue. It does not make sense,” stated Hua. “I hope the German Embassy and the people involved can refrain from unprofessional and irresponsible remarks and do something conducive to development of bilateral relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation.”


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