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Hate crimes against Muslims rise in United States

Breaking News – Washington (NEWZ247) There has been a 58% increase in hate crimes against South Asians and a 19pc growth in hate-prompted attacks on Muslims, a South Asian advocacy group suggested on Wednesday.

Quoting from an FBI record launched this week, the institution was known as South Asian Individuals Leading Together warned that “hate has to turn out to be the new ordinary for our groups” inside the United States.

More than 3.3 million Muslims and 4.3 million South Asians stay in the US. South Asians are also the largest ethnic institution amongst American Muslims.

The FBI hate crime document notes that considering that 2015, Anti-Muslimism hate crimes multiplied by 19pc, Anti-Hindu hate crimes grew by 10pc, and Anti-Sikh hate crimes increased by 17pc.

Those surges are on the pinnacle of the historic spike in hate crimes stated inside the FBI’s 2015 data now marking the highest tiers of violence aimed at our communities since the year after 9/11.

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