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Nawaz Sharif’s Homecoming Rally Enters Fourth Day

Despite a couple of unpleasant incidents on the third day, the rally is all set and continues its journey towards Lahore on the fourth day.

During the three days, Nawaz Sharif has spoken to its supporters on various occasions, some of them while sitting in the car and some on a preset stage.

The Ex-Prime Minister spent last night in Gujranwala and resumed his journey towards Lahore on 11-Am today.

A good number of people gathered in Gujranwala last night to welcome and listen to their leader Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif spoke and said that this government is being conspired and that no Prime Minister in Pakistan has ever completed his 5-year tenure.

‘Why was I removed? For I tried to solve the energey crisis and load shedding or because I ended unemployment? or because I brought back the country on the path of development?’, said Nawaz Sharif in Gujranwala.

He also said, ‘“When will our votes be respected? It is only in Pakistan where premiers are treated like this, can you name a single country in South Asia where prime ministers are treated like this?’

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