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PM Imran came into power through rigging not votes: Shehbaz Sharif

Pakistan muslim league president shehbaz sharif on Sunday said prime minister imran khan did not come into power thriugh vote.
PM was not elected but came into power through rigging the PML-N president said while addressing a press conference alongside former premier shahid khaqan abbasi,ahsan iqbal and marriyam aurangzeb
Shehbaz recalled that on the day of the election for the prime minister PM Imran assured him that a parliamentary commission will be formed to probe in to opposition rigging allegations.
However three weeks have passed and a parliamentary commission has still not been formed shehbaz lamented
“We will ensure that a commission is made at any cost” he added.
Further the PML-N president urged,”PM imran should fulfill his promises.”
Shehbaz also said I present myself before the nation for accountability.
The PML-N president further regretted the PTI led government increased gas,electricity and fertiliser prices just 20 days after assuming office.
Upholding that such a massive increase in prices has neverbeen announced before at one shehbaz said we eill become the voice of the farmers and the common man.
Speaking about Prime Minister Imran khan presser a day earlier calling for the construction of dams the PML-N president said we spent Rs 122 billion for the construction of Basha Dam.
You do not need to collect funds for diamer basha dam but should attract investors he further said.
There should be no delay in power production through basha dam.he asserted.
Shehbaz further said that PML-N performance regarding power generation in khyber Pakhtunkha is in front of the nation.
The PML-N president also criticised the new federal government decision to end the ex premier laptop scheme.
Laptops were not given to politicians or the rich but to students who achieved top scores and needed them, he said.
This is the age of information and technology and you are depriving the poor of the facility to access information through laptops he added.
regarding PM Imran decision to auction PM house luxury cars Shehbaz said, We held an auction of cars of Qaddafi Stadium.
Further, taking a hit at PM Imran austerity drive Shehbaz said ,”We ate daal chawal during meeting and only made special arrangements during visits of foreign dignitaries”

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