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South Korea buy nuclear-powered submarines

Breaking News– (NEWZ247) South Korea is talking about the US to shop for nuclear-powered submarines to protect against threats from Pyongyang, reports expressed on Tuesday as President Donald Trump said Seoul possibly purchase “billions of dollars” US weapons.

Such a purchase would redraw the balance of strength in northeast Asia and will trigger a regional fingers race.

Japan and other US ally does now not have nuclear-powered submarines and is stripped from having a military underneath its post-World War II pacifist charter.

And simultaneously as China’s an increasing number of powerful navy does consist of them in its fleet Beijing would confidently be infuriated by means of the sort of acquisition via Seoul.

After a summit in South Korea together with his counterpart Moon Jae-In, Trump on Tuesday said Seoul could be buying a huge amount US weapons “whether it is planes, whether or not it’s missiles, irrespective of what it’s miles”.

“South Korea could be ordering billions of dollars of that gadget, which for them makes a whole lot of sense and for us, it method jobs, reducing our change deficit with South Korea,” he said.


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