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Turkey opens it gates for 1000 orphanage

Turkey opens it gates for 1000 orphanage

Ankara – 1,000 Syrian children were given a safe passage to turkey, the children will be educated and given shelter in a “captive place”, one of the NGOs will be responsible for the care.

They will live in protective care and will be allowed to a school, sports arena, and a religious center.

The facility, in the southern Turkish town of Reyhanli close to Syria, will hold around 1000 kids in villas built up by the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, and Qatar’s Foundation Sheik Thani Ibn Abdullah for Humanitarian Services.

The protective area was built to restore the tiny village and it has around 400 people working in it currently, combining the volunteers, doctars, and therapists and some other professionals who will stay and serve on the location.

“One of largest land authorized for displaced kids of war” said IHH NGO, the facility will also be equipped with the rehab center for kids who have gone through horrific shock and mental pain.

In a survey conducted by UNICEF, Syrian kids around 2.3millons are refugees in countries like Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey.

According to the ministry of turkey, around 1.3 million young children are of 18 age in 2.9 million authorized Syrian displaced people living in Turkey.

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