US Navy Sends Spy Plane near North Korean Coast

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Breaking News – USA (NEWZ247) American Navy threw a plane near the NK coast to spy and examine signals of a possible submarine-launched ballistic missile as reported by Channel A, a South Korean broadcasting company, Tuesday.

Conferring to a by Asia Times who quoted the report from Channel A, stated that the hurling of the spy plane was a result of North Korea cumulative their efforts in developing an SLBM fleet.

The report went on to say that, the reconnaissance aircraft which is named U.S. EP-3, was stationed in Japan. The aircraft lately went near the eastern coast of North Korea to check for signals of an imminent missile launch from a North Korean submarine.

With regards to the above, according to a by Yonhap News Agency, the Pentagon stated on Monday, that the U.S. was “well-postured” to challenge a possible SLBM attack by North Korea.

Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Robert Manning reportedly said, “I can’t comment on any matters of specific intelligence regarding North Korea .”

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