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Pakistan auctions off ex PM Nawaz Sharif buffaloes

Imran Khan government has continued its effort to refill the Pakistani government coffers- by selling off eight highly prized buffaloes.

The animals had been Prime Minister House, where they reportedly provided milk for Nawaz Sharif, Mr Imran predecessor and his family.

However Mr Imran decided they should be sold off as part of the government so called austerity actions.

The new prime minister was elected on a platform of anti corruption reforms. He has since made much of his so called austerity drive- although critics say it has been more style than substance so far.

The former cricketer was mocked in August when it emerged he was using a helicopter to travel to work- a journey of some 9.3 miles as the crow files.

The buffalo action which raised 19000 dollar in total, was the second sale of government assets in the last 10 days.

The first,which included bulled proof jeeps, brought in 600000 dollar. The animals were of particular interest to supporters of Mr Sharif, who was removed from office amid allegations of corruption.

Hasan Latif who paid 2500 dollar for one of the animals- told News 247 that her already owns a commercial dairy farm, but was keen to buy one of these buffaloes due to their famous connection.

I have more than 100 buffaloes but I wanted to get one which was used by leader. he explained. This is to honour him, and if I get an opportunity I will try and give it to him as a gift.

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