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Pakistan is prepared for war: DG ISPR on Indian army chief statement

Pakistan army in reaction to the provocative statement issued by the India COAS General Bipin said that the country is a nuclear power and is ready for war.
Indian Army Chief General Rawat threatened Pakistan with surprise action by Indian security forces, a day after New Delhi canceled a meeting between foreign ministers of the two countries.
General Rawat said Indian forces will take further measures. There is always a surprise in Indian forces, action, General Rawar said at the media briefing.
We are always ready and prepared for war. War happens when eaither side is unprepared for it, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said on Saturday in his interview to a local tv channel.
The army media wing spokesperson said that the country desire for peace should not be perceived as its weakness, adding that the Army wonot let peace be derailed.
The ISPR spokesperson called General Rawat statement irresponsible.
Army dismisses multilation allegation
The army spokesperson rebuffed the Indian government claim that it mutilated the body of its soldier.
We categorically dismiss the Indian allegation. We are a professional army. We can not disrespect the body of a solider even if he belongs to an enemy state, he added.

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