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PTCL packages and complete detail

                        PTCL packages and complete detail

In this Modern era, almost every person is familiar with the PTCL and internet. PTCL stands for “Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited”.

PTCL introduces 100Mbps Internet in Just  Rs.4,999 per month

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited introduced new offers to its users so that they can attain their goals at a low price and feel comfortable while working. It has provided 100 Mbps internet in Just Rs.4,999 per month.

This broadband plan is only available on DSL or GPON(FTTH) to facilitate the users to exchange it easily.

But now PTCL has broadened all their services in almost all areas of Pakistan and possibly on every cost.

PTCL GPON-FTTH broadband plans

  1. 5Mbps: Rs. 1,999
  2. 10Mbps: Rs. 2,499
  3. 20Mbps: Rs. 2,999
  4. 50Mbps: Rs. 3,999
  5. 100Mbps: Rs. 4,999

But it must be noted that GPON(Gigabit Passive Optical Networks)  installation charges are upfront PKR. 11,999/-

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It is also noticed that GPON is available in some areas of Pakistan not at all. You must call the helpline either to check the coverage of the area is available or not. It may be possible that the company did not cover that area and it also possible that the company covers that area that you required. You can also check the selected area of the company by clicking on this link that shows the coverage map of PTCL GPON.


If you need any further information, then you can call the PTCL helpline.

The helpline number is 1218

3G/4G users in Pakistan reached 53.24 Million

From the research of March 2018, it is clear that the number of 3G/4G users reached 53.24 Million in Pakistan. It is the research of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA).

Jazz 3G users reached its limits at 14.98 million, Jazz 4G users reached its limits at 2,590,092, Ufone 3G users reached its limits at 6.165 Million and Zong 3G users reached its limits at 8.893 Million and still it is exceeding and 3G users of Telenor Networks are 10.928 Million according to the research of March 2018.

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Customer Complaints

3,705 complaints are received by PTA from telecom customers against different telecom operator like PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators etc during Jan 2018.

In Jan 2018, 2, total 520 CMOS services complaints are received. PTCL total complaints received are 1,115. ISPs total complaints received are 70 in number according to the report of PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

But PTCL is improving their services but in spite of all these improvements, complaints are received in large number.

Agreement for the 3rd consecutive year with Telenor Pak

Fiber leasing agreement is one of the agreements that is determined between PTCL and Telenor Pakistan(TP) in which PTCL will deliver fiber footprint to TP.

In 2016 and 2017, PTCL and TP have determined two more agreements and that was successful within two years.

From this agreement, Telenor Pakistan users will be able to utilize PTCL’s fiber-optic footprint and can enhance their network in wide areas.

PTCL promotes the Education In Pak

PTCL is investing in Children’s Education so that Pakistan will get prosperity and development in all fields of life. Because its belief is that every nation can make progress if the nation has the education.

So, PTCL is targeting the children’s Education, development, health, disasters, and the environment. But before getting all these requirements, Pakistan’s children must get opportunities and skills to reach the Academic sector.

you can PTCL online bill from  PTCL bill.

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