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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan Again


Breaking news: North Korea has once again fired a missile over Japan as claimed by South Korean and Japanese government authorities.

It’s likely that missile reached an altitude of about 770km and traveled a distance of around 3700 km as told by the South Korean military officials.

The officials claimed that the missile flew over Japan’s Hokkaido Island before landing in the Pacific Ocean.

This is not the first time. North Korea fired a missile over Japan in the last month too, to which Japan responded as ‘unprecedented threat’ to the country.

The South Korean military claims that the latest missile launch happened in Pyongyang at 07:00 local time.

This rocked flew higher and traveled much further than the one fired previously on 29th August which flew 550km above and traveled 2700 km.

After the last month’s nuclear missile test, United Nations security council put sanctions on North Korea and this test is the first one after those sanctions.

Officials of United States Pacific Command said that their initial study to this missile test states that it was an intermediate range ballistic missile.


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