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Rs10m stolen from 559 bank accounts in ATM fraud


Breaking News – Karachi (NEWZ247) A private bank has confirmed that hundreds of its bank accounts were hacked through ATM cards as FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) officials stated on Monday they were waiting for more details before launching a probe connecting this with a recent fraudulent movement in which numerous foreigners had been arrested for apparently stealing data from banks with skimming devices at ATM.

The HBL (Habib Bank Limited) confirmed that over Rs10 million had been stolen from 559 of its accounts.

Naveed Asghar, a corporate and marketing executive of the HBL, told  hat there was no need to panic as the amount would be reimbursed to the clients those who are affected by this circumstance..

“The amount taken through fraud was Rs10.2m while the number of accounts holders affected is 559,” he added. “We have over 10m customers which means that the size of the amount missing is not very noteworthy for the bank, while affected customers is also low in numbers. It is a fraud and we check it and find the criminals…it happens in all countries that use ATMs.”

He said that they were not aware of who the hackers were, but further that the transactions had been traced to Indonesia, China and other countries.



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