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Sonam Kapoor breaks down why people choose not to report sexual harassment

Breaking news – India (NEWZ247) Bollywood hasn’t quit discussing about sexual harassment and following the Aziz Ansari talk about, the issue has become the dominant focal point once more.This time it was Sonam Kapoor who tended to the issue in a meeting with Haroon Rashid on BBC Asian Network.

She separated three motivation behind why one may not report sexual harassment or get a comfortable coming out about it. “There are three indicators are – a considerable measure of women don’t understand what’s happening and the end result what happing to them , since they surmise that it’s alright and it’s okay… it resembles an intuitive idea. That is the conditioning we’ve experienced.”

It’s likewise on the grounds that we’ve been instructed to stay silent, act dumb, imagine it didn’t occur, dismiss it. Or then again third it’s casualty accusing. On the off chance that something transpires, it’s your fault.”

Asked whether the victims keep themselves down when revealing sexual harassment because of the shame encompassing the issue or dread of losing their jobs, Sonam answered: I believe it’s both. it’s not just about losing your professions, it’s likewise losing face in the society We’re still in reverse that way, we don’t discuss it by any stretch of the imagination.”

Telling to the Aziz Ansari occurrence, Sonam said she thinks that its ‘horrendous’ that getting out individuals for lewd behavior is currently being alluded to as a ‘witch hunt’.


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