Spain Rescues 600 People In A Single Day


Spain’s coast guards have released a statement saying that they have rescued close to 600 migrants in a 24-hour rescue mission.

The rescued migrants were traveling in different boats included a jet ski and a paddle boat. There were 35 children and a baby too.

More than 9000 migrants have arrived in Spain this year according to the statement issued by United Nations. This number is thrice more than the number of migrants that came last year.

The United Nation’s International Organization for Migration said that this much migrant arriving Spain means, Spain could take over Greece in hosting the largest number of migrants.

Most people are sailing across the 12-km strait of Gibralter while some of the people are also using simple basic paddle boats to bypass the smugglers and their fees.

The migrants are also using social media to contact Spanish authorities and inform them about their locations once they are inside Spanish borders.

Around 100,000 people have crossed from Libya to Italy since the start of2017, around 2000 people got killed through this route, as told by UN IOM.

The number of people arriving Spain through sea doesn’t include people who are reaching the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa.


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