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Plazma Burst 2 game update at newz247

Plazma Burst 2 game updates

Plazma Burst 2” is an amazing shooting game. It is also played with deadly marines and fight aliens with machine guns and grenades. Play through the naval campaign. Equip yourself with a heavy artillery team to fight your way through the enemies and make it beat the life of every level. Earn points to reorganize your suit and prepare for your next task. Fight for the destiny of your planet continues! Good luck, earn points and enjoy the “Plasma Explosion 2“!

Controls used for playing 

  • For Move: Arrows/WASD
  • For Aim and Shoot: Mouse


  • It provides shooting and side-scrolling features with amazing graphics.
  • Plazma Burst 2 game is user-friendly.

Missions to achieve

Your mission in this tactical slider game is to take the role of marines and defeat the enemies and upgrade your warriors while trying to save the planet from impending death.

Free Download  in your PC

you can download it by using this link that is given below:


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Downloading Plazma burst 2 Map file

Plazma burst 2 map file represents the routing of the game and it also helps users to play the game by indicating the backgrounds, enemy placement, decorations, number of players in the game, available weapons and cannon and other entities and elements of the game.

In the official website of Plazma Burst 2, you can edit the files by using their file editor. The edited files or updated files can also be downloaded and installed on your PC through this website. But for edit or update these type of files, you must be a registered user on that website. Otherwise, you will not get permission to edit this file or download it.

You can also go to Plazma burst 2 official website by clicking on this link that is given below:


Downloading Plazma burst 2 offline

By clicking on this link, that is given can download plazma burst 2 games offline in your PC.



Install free Plazma burst 2 App for Android

you can install plazma burst 2 app on your android by using this link:


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