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After a Two-Year Ban, Maria Sharapova Plans Her Comback in Tennis

After a Two-Year Ban, Maria Sharapova Plans Her Comback in Tennis

Tennis – Maria Sharapova former world number one tennis player says she is not looking forward to hitting the concrete wall just after her liberalization from a doping charges. however, she is anxious to win the greatest titles in tennis once again.

To book her spot in the Wimbledon tournament the 30-year-old tennis player triumphed over Christina McHale in the first round of the Italian Open.

She deals with a fight to raise her goodwill for the grand slam of grasscourt by right and union of organizers ruminate that whether to honor her as a special case into the championship she won in 2004.

The Russian player is coming back from a doping boycott after she was found guilty as a positive result of her heart drug meldonium at Australian open last year.

Frome the day she arrived in April, Sharapova has been selected as a wild card player to the Madrid, Italian and Stuttgart Opens.

“I certainly have desires of myself… when you have won mammoth events and you have been No. 1 on the globe, you know what it feels like. So that inclination, at last, remains within you…, and you know what are you asking for,” Sharapova told to media.

“I would love to be at that height again. Clearly, that’s mine aim. As I stated, each week is essential… I may not have played my best tennis, but rather I would set up a chance to play another match and win and that’s what I seek.”

Sharapova also said that she was oblivious of the current week’s rankings due date for the Wimbledon qualifying draw.

“When you’ve been out of the sport and haven’t played aggressively in 15 months… The way that I’m back and playing three weeks successfully now and winning three games back to back is a major deal for me. That is my dedication.”

The champion of five grand slam will look forward if she get’s a wildcard entry into the French Open later on this week.

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