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Appropriate Technology in Agriculture In Details

Appropriate technology that is suitable to the social and economic conditions of the geographic area in which it is to be applied, is environmentally sound and promotes self-sufficiency on the part of those using it.

Appropriate Technology in Agriculture In Details

Appropriate Technology in Agriculture (a concept of appropriate technology)

An appropriate technology as asserted by the economist Schumacher in his book small is beautiful should promote values such as health, beauty, and permanence. Low cost and low maintenance requirements are also of prime importance in Schumacher definition. Considering both Schumacher observation and goals for ecological farming:

Appropriate Technology ppt

  1. Produce abundant, safe and nutritious food.
  2. Reduce harmful environmental input.
  3. Protect the genetic makeup of native species.
  4. Provide healthful conditions for farm workers.
  5. Enhance crop genetic diversity.
  6. Foster soil fertility.
  7. Improve the lives of the poor and malnourished.

Appropriate Technology Definition In details

It is apparent that GE will sometimes be appropriate for crop improvement and sometimes not. This is because GE is simply a tool that can be applied to a multitude of uses, depending on the decisions of policymakers farmers and consumers.

Still, GE comprises many of the properties advocated by Schumacher. It is a simple technology in most countries. This technology is used in maximum countries. Its arrangement of genes can be passed down from generation to generation and improved along the way. This is because even incremental increase in the nutritional content, disease resistance, yield or stress tolerance of crops can go a long way to enhancing the health and well being of farmers and their families.

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There is also the potential for applications of GE to reduce the adverse environmental effects of farming and enable farmers to produce and sell more food locally. Indeed as described in previous posts. the use of GE has already drastically reduced the number of pesticides sprayed worldwide, rescued the U.S papaya industry, contributing to poverty reduction in India and provided new tools to save the lives of impoverished Children with vitamin a deficiency.

Appropriate Technology in Agriculture

For over work with flood-tolerant rice, we used a rice gene from a local landrace and introduced it into the crops favored by farmers using precision breeding with molecular. This was the most appropriate technology because it was efficient and did not require that we go through the regulatory approval process required of GE crops. One can imagine another scenario where the gene was not found in rice but was only present in wheat. In this case, GE would be the most appropriate technology. The goals are to save millions of tons of rice from being lost to floods. If we want to increase food production in a sustainable manner, we need to pick the most appropriate technology for the job.

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